Install Anaconda on Linux

Anaconda is a package manager for python. It helps to manage all package install your computer. In this blog, you learn how to install anaconda Linux. The various method to install anaconda on Linux.  however here we use the simplest of them.

install anaconda linux
install anaconda

Follow These Step Most Importantly to Install Anaconda linux

  • Download Installation File

Firstly we need an installation file. Which is available on the official site of anaconda. Here is a link of the download page. Select file suitable with your computer and download it. Downloading may take time. After the download is finished, we are going to the next step.

download anaconda for linux
download anaconda
  • Open Terminal And Navigate To Install File Location

So let’s open your terminal by press Ctrl+Alt+t . After that navigate to your file location by this command cd location of your file/. Another method is going to your file location. Press right-click from the mouse and select option open terminal. The second option as a result automatically opens the terminal in your file location.

  • Install Anaconda

In addition, the anaconda is a bash script. However, install using the bash command is an easy way to install. For this, you just type the following command on your currently open terminal and hit enter button from keyboard.

first command for install
first command

After term and condition are shown you can simply hit the enter button until bellow message is shown. And read it and at last type, you need to type yes to accept license term.

accept term and condition of conda installation
accept license term

The installer shows the following message to promote you to use the default install location. However, If you do not use this location need to provide a path for install. After reading this message similarly hit the Enter button and wait for the completion of installation.

determine location for anaconda
install location

Congratulation you are successfully installing anaconda on your computer following message is showing on your terminal.

installation finished.
Do you wish  the installer to prepened the anaconda3 install location
to PATH in your home/user/.bashrc ?[yes|no]

This determines you to use conda command without changing the directory. press yes to complete the process.

Appending source homeuser/anaconda 3/bin/activate to homelinux 4one/.bashrc
A backup will be made to :/home/user/.bashrc-anaconda3.bak
for this change to become active, you have to open a new terminal.
Thank you for installing Anaconda3!
  • It’s optional for you

While install is complete If you want to install visual studio code editor type yes otherwise No and hit Enter.

Active and Test Anaconda Installation linux

After complete installation active conda by following command

source /.bashrc

Test the installation by following command.

conda info

After that this information is appear on terminal.

active environment : None
            shell level : 0
       user config file : /home/sudu/.condarc
 populated config files : /home/sudu/.condarc
          conda version : 4.8.2
    conda-build version : 3.18.11
         python version :
       virtual packages : __glibc=2.27
       base environment : /home/sudu/anaconda3  (writable)
           channel URLs :
          package cache : /home/sudu/anaconda3/pkgs
       envs directories : /home/sudu/anaconda3/envs
               platform : linux-64
             user-agent : conda/4.8.2 requests/2.22.0 CPython/3.7.6 Linux/5.4.0-42-generic ubuntu/18.04.5 glibc/2.27
                UID:GID : 1000:1000
             netrc file : None
           offline mode : False

Create and Active Anaconda Environment

create python environment by name return_script by following command.

conda create --name return_script python=3

Active environment by following command.

conda activate return_script


This is how you can install anaconda. If you are planning to learn python and machine learning. You can visit the python tutorial list and learn something new. If you have any problem on install anaconda feel free to comment here

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