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types of operators in python

Types of Operators in Python

Python operators are used to performing the operation between values and variables. Additionally, there are different types of operators use in a programming language. In this article, we will discuss these operators in detail by dividing them into different categories. Finally, in this article, you will learn about python operators from basic to advance. Arithmetic Operator The arithmetic operators use to calculate the mathematical operation between two operands. Additionally, these ope…

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python dictionary

Python Dictionary

A simple definition of a python dictionary is a collection of data in key pair values. Generally, the key is the first value of the dictionary which carry the data. Additionally, in the dictionary, the key always needed to be unique we can not able to define multiple keys in a single dictionary. With a help of key, all operation has performed on the dictionary. In this article, you will learn the python dictionary from basic to advance. What is a python dictionary? python dictionary is a…

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python list()

python list and Tuple

A simple definition of Data Structure is a particular way of collecting data on a computer. This article is all about Python List()and tuple. They are the most popular data structure in python. We can’t store multiple data in one variable. List and tuple are a collection of data. So we can store multiple data in a single variable with help of list and tuple. Firstly we are learning about python list after that tuple. Here is a link for python course from basic to advance. python list() …

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python string format

Python String Format

In this article, you will learn about python string format. Python String is a sequence of character. In python, any character inside single and double quotes is a string. This is a part of python data structure. If you are new and want to learn python basic here is a link. Now let’s discuss different terminology use in a python string. Looking Inside Python String and Slicing we can access every single character inside python string format through an index. The value of the string is st…

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Python functions

Python Functions

In this article, you will learn about the python functions from basic to advance. A function is a name sequence of statement that performs the computation. In python there are two types of function are available. One is the in-built function, and another is a user-defined function. Let’s discuss different terminology use in python function. What Is python Functions? A function is a sequence of states that perform a computation. When you define a function you specify name and sequence of …

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python for loop

python Loop and Iteration

In this article, we are learning about python loop from basic to advance. Loop is also calling iteration. The loop is using when the same code run in multiple time. There are two types of loop in practices. One is for loop and another is while loop. Here we are learning about this loop. For loop is applicable when you want to repeat your code for some iteration. But in case of while loop scenario is different. You can run loop until a certain condition is met. Now let’s understand about loop by …

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python if else statement

Python if else Statement

In these articles, you will learn about python if else statement from basic to advance. If you are new in python here is a link for python variable and datatype feel free to visit these articles. Here we are learning about if, else, elif, nested if etc. Before dive into python if-else statement, we have to knowledge about Boolean expression. Here we start with a Boolean expression. Boolean Expression Boolean expression is those which is return either True or False. By the following examp…

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realtime face mask detection

Implement Face-mask Model on OpenCV

This is our final part of the realtime face mask detection project. Firstly please read the first and second part of this project. Previously we are training vgg16 model with face mask image and save the model. This mode is used here for real-time prediction. Let’s begin to the final part of this project. Import Library for realtime face mask detection, these libraries are required. If you are not installing these libraries on your pc. Install it by using PIP install Package_name Command…

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